September 14, 2013

Fall Fashion Trends 2013 for Women - OOTW

September 14, 2013

Fall Fashion Trends For Women 2013!  

This outfit is perfect for those days when you have not that much going on but you want to look put together incase something comes up. So the jacket is a nice color for a fall day and is light enough for a warmer day, the green tank underneath gives the outfit a more earthy feel with the green and brown tones. For pants the jeans are a skinny jean so they will fit in the brown leather tall boots. A flat boot will give you more walking time without your feet hurting from a heel. All girls carry a purse or some sort of bag so a nice leather messenger bag will complement the outfit perfectly as it isn't a fancy bag because the outfit is pretty casual. Some bracelets or rings would add to the outfit. 

This outfit says cold with the pop of orange but don't be shy of color this fall it is all the rage, it is also toned down with the light colored jackets and boots which makes it more wearable. The jeans are a bit loser and not as tight as a skinny pair. The boots have a heel on them as the outfit is a bit more classier than above. The light colored jacket which is leather looks fantastic over the pop of orange sleeveless tank top and has nice detailing on the bottom of the shirt and the earrings are a toned down color and the bracelet works very well with the shirt. As for the bag I absolutely love it, if your afraid of color then carrying a bright handbag can be a simple way to spice up an outfit.  

Comfy is my best friend in the fall, after a brutally hot summer all I want to wear is comfy clothing that is also fashionable for days and or evenings of going to class or grabbing coffee with that new guy. Wearing a pair of black leggings in the fall is perfect because you can wear them with anything and dress them up or down. For this outfit a comfy V neck sweater with long sleeves adds color to the top half of the outfit. Cardigans are all the rage this fall as they are comfy and will add warmth if needed on those cooler fall days. The boots complement the handbag as both are leather and leggings and boots look awesome together. A watch on the wrist and tory burch earrings add the necessary accessories for this perfect casual fall day.  


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Is there a place that i can just purchase the entire outfit?

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